E-Commerce Issues

E-Commerce Issues in 2012 Winter Release

We have identified a number of e-commerce related technical issues in our 2012 Winter Release. These issues affect our users’ experiences in different ways.

Our support and development teams are working together to resolve these in the quickest way possible.

We are aware of the following e-commerce related issues and are working to resolve them. If your issue is listed, you do not need to contact support to report it.

Estimated date of resolution, 1/23/12 or sooner:

  • Product discounts are not discounting on subscription plans. Only the first order is discounted and not the recurring payments.
  • RESOLVED: Tax is being generated on a subscription during a free month (trial).
  • Category-level discounts are not being applied correctly where some products within a category get incorrect discounts.
  • When creating a discount in an Opportunity, the highest discount applied to a product is being applied to all products, not individually.
  • Within Infusionsoft, $0 orders are being marked as unpaid, which can cause issues for users that operate membership websites.

Estimated date of resolution, 1/31/12 or sooner:

  • RESOLVED: Commissions are being paid on free-trials – Commissions are being generated immediately after the order, before the completion of the trial.
  • RESOLVED: Within Infusionsoft, changing order item price adjusts the order by adding the amount of the adjustment to the total.
  • RESOLVED: A two-character limit is imposed on State/Province fields for Order Forms that allow international shipping.
  • RESOLVED: If a person has an address mismatch when purchasing through the shopping cart, the purchaser is not able to update their address. A workaround is to hit the back button, reloading the page to enter a new address.
  • Within Infusionsoft, when deleting a recent subscription order on a Contact Record, it will show an error message stating “Unable to Load.”
  • Within Infusionsoft, an error message is displayed when removing a new order item from an Opportunity.
  • Within Infusionsoft, when administering an Order Form and you delete a shipping option, users will not be able to manage that specific Order Form. If users have an urgent request to disable an Order Form, please submit a ticket.
  • Infusionsoft attempts to charge cards after their expiration date. As a workaround, set up an Expiration Trigger to ask customers to update their credit card information.
  • In Infusionsoft, when deleting a product and immediately sending a Buy Now Link, the user will be presented with an Oops!error message. However, the message with the link is sent successfully.
  • Within Infusionsoft, searches for contacts filtered by subscription products will result in incorrect results.

We apologize for any inconvenience these issues have caused you. Our company is committed to resolving these issues and addressing any concerns you may have to complete satisfaction. If you have any additional concerns not related to the above issues, please contact our technical support team via Online Chat, the Help menu in the software or by telephone at 1-866-800-0004.