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Round 2. Becoming an Infusionsoft Expert- The Secret Sauce
Thu, 11/20/2014 - 9am Pacific / Noon Eastern

We will be hosting Round 2 of one of the most popular calls in Infusionsoft Mastermind History.


In this presentation we have designed a campaign that show's you EXACTLY how life-cycle marketing effects what you do inside Infusionsoft. You can think of it as "building a road map" to help clarify where you should focus your efforts inside Infusionsoft.
Being able to clearly understand how your campaigns impact your business's life-cycle is a huge step in the right direction to being an Infusionsoft expert.
On this call:
-The conceptual key to leveraging Infusionsoft
-Live Campaign demo with Life-Cycle Marketing fusion.
-Live Question and Answer Session with Infusionsoft Expert Clay Harper