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The Nudge: A closer look at the "Abandoned Cart Concept"
Thu, 10/30/2014 - 9am Pacific / Noon Eastern

Presented by Mychal Edelman | Infusionsoft Mastermind
There are few strategies that provide the type of immediate return that this one does.  The "Abandoned Cart Concept" allows you to build campaigns that give a friendly reminder to those who haven't quite completed the action you are driving them towards.  What action?  Well that is up to you.... A purchase? A form being filled out? Scheduling an appointment? 
Your prospects and customers can sometimes use a friendly nudge :)
**This can also be used for internal reminders for tasks for your staff!
On this call:
-Strategy Discussion about when and why you would use an abondoned cart campaign
-External and Internal "nudges" explored
-Q & A session with Mychal Edelman